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Python is a high-level programming language that is very human friendly.
Its syntax is simple and expressive making it the recommeded language for beginners.

hello world program in Python
print("Hello, World!")

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  40. Python Functions

  41. Python Function Scope

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  47. Python Built-In Functions: an overview

  48. Python abs() Function

  49. Python all() Function

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  51. Python ascii() Function

  52. Python bool() Function

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  54. Python compile() Function

  55. Python divmod() Function

  56. Python dict() Function

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  58. Python exec() Function

  59. Python eval() Function

  60. Python print() Function

  61. Python input() Function

  62. Working with Text files in Python

  63. Python help() Function

  64. Python int() Function

  65. Python id() Function

  66. Python len() Function

  67. Python min() Function

  68. Python max() Function

  69. Python list() Function

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  71. Python tuple() Function

  72. Python str() Function

  73. Python float() Function

  74. Python type() Function

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  77. Working with CSV files in Python

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  87. Python chr() Function

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  90. Python bin() Function

  91. Python hex() Function

  92. Python breakpoint() Function

  93. Python classmethod() Function

  94. Python staticmethod() Function

  95. Python bytearray() Function

  96. Python bytes() Function

  97. Python iter() Function

  98. Python isinstance() Function

  99. Python complex() Function

  100. Python slice() Function

  101. Python repr() Function

  102. Python hash() Function

  103. Python next() Function

  104. Python hasattr() Function

  105. Python issubclass() Function

  106. Python filter() Function

  107. Python locals() Function

  108. Python globals() Function

  109. Python property() Function

  110. Python object() Function

  111. Python vars() Function

  112. Python super() Function

  113. Python delattr() Function

  114. Python getattr() Function

  115. Python setattr() Function

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  117. Comments in Python

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  119. Call pip Programmatically

  120. Working with PDF files in Python-PyPDF2 Library.

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  122. Python Regular Expressions Tutorial

  123. Python regex match date.

  124. Python regex match email

  125. Python regex match IP Address

  126. Python regex match 12hr and 24hr time format

  127. Python Regex Character classes

  128. Python math module

  129. Python cmath module

  130. Python math.sin() Function

  131. Python math.cos() Function

  132. Python math.tan() Function

  133. Python math.asin() Function

  134. Python math.acos() Function

  135. Python math.atan() Function

  136. Python math.atan2() Function

  137. Python math.sinh() Function

  138. Python math.cosh() Function

  139. Python math.tanh() Function

  140. Python math.asinh() Function

  141. Python math.acosh() Function

  142. Python math.atanh() Function

  143. Python math.exp() Function

  144. Python math.pow() Function

  145. Python math.sqrt() Function

  146. Python math.log() Function

  147. Python math.log2() Function

  148. Python math.log10() Function

  149. Python math.ceil() Function

  150. Python math.floor() Function

  151. Python math.trunc() Function

  152. Python math.modf() Function

  153. Python math.fmod() Function

  154. Python math.fabs() Function

  155. Python math.factorial() Function

  156. Python math.gcd() Function

  157. Python math.lcm() Function

  158. Python math.isqrt() Function

  159. Python math.isfinite() Function

  160. Python math.isinf() Function

  161. Python math.isnan() Function

  162. Python math.ldexp() Function

  163. Python math.frexp() Function

  164. Python math.degrees() Function

  165. Python math.radians() Function

  166. Python math.copysign() Function

  167. Python math.fsum() Function

  168. Python math.gamma() Function

  169. Python math.hypot() Function

  170. Python math.isclose() Function

  171. Python math.lgamma() Function

  172. Python math.prod() Function

  173. Python math.perm() Function

  174. Python math.erf() Function

  175. Python math.erfc() Function

  176. Python math.dist() Function

  177. Python math.comb() Function

  178. Python math.remainder() Function

  179. Python math.pi constant

  180. Python math.e constant

  181. Python math.inf constant

  182. Python math.nan Constant

  183. Python math.tau constant

  184. Python cmath.acosh() Function

  185. Python cmath.acos() Function

  186. Python cmath.asin() Function

  187. Python cmath.asinh() Function

  188. Python cmath.atan() Function

  189. Python cmath.atanh() Function

  190. Python cmath.cos() Function

  191. Python cmath.cosh() Function

  192. Python cmath.exp() Function

  193. Python cmath.isclose() Function

  194. Python cmath.isfinite() Function

  195. Python cmath.isinf() Function

  196. Python cmath.isnan() Function

  197. Python cmath.log() Function

  198. Python cmath.log10() Function

  199. Python cmath.phase() Function

  200. Python cmath.polar() Function

  201. Python cmath.rect() Function

  202. Python cmath.sin() Function

  203. Python cmath.sinh() Function

  204. Python cmath.sqrt() Function

  205. Python cmath.tan() Function

  206. Python cmath.tanh() Function

  207. Python cmath.e Constant

  208. Python cmath.inf Constant

  209. Python cmath.infj Constant

  210. Python cmath.nan Constant

  211. Python cmath.nanj Constant

  212. Python cmath.pi constant

  213. Python cmath.tau Constant

  214. Object Oriented Design and Principles

  215. Python objects and classes

  216. Python class Constructors

  217. class Inheritance in Python

  218. Encapsulation in Python classes

  219. Polymorphism in Python Classes

  220. Python Instance, Class and Static methods

  221. Python static or class variables

  222. Abstract classes in Python

  223. Introduction to Object Oriented Programming

  224. Python magic or dunder methods

  225. Introduction to Exceptions in Python

  226. SyntaxError in Python

  227. NameError exception in Python

  228. ValueError Exception in Python

  229. TypeError Exception in Python

  230. IndexError Exception in Python

  231. Exception handling in Python

  232. KeyError Exception in Python

  233. IndentationError Exception in Python

  234. ZeroDivisionError Exception in Python

  235. AssertionError Exception in Python

  236. StopIteration Exception in Python

  237. AttributeError Exception in Python

  238. RecursionError Exception in Python

  239. ImportError exception in Python

  240. ModuleNotFoundError Exception in Python

  241. Python classes __init__() method

  242. Python classes __len__() method

  243. Python classes __repr__() Method

  244. Python Classes __str__() Method

  245. Python classes __call__() method

  246. Python Classes __eq__() method

  247. Python Classes __ne__() Method

  248. Python classes __getattr__() method

  249. Python classes __getattribute__() method

  250. Python classes __dir__() method

  251. Python classes __lt__() method

  252. Python classes __gt__() method

  253. Python classes __ge__() method

  254. Python classes __le__() method

  255. Python classes __new__() method

  256. The string module in Python

  257. Capitalize all words in Python string - the string.capwords() function.

  258. Templating and formatting python strings - the Template class

  259. Python textwrap module

  260. Python difflib module

  261. Python fractions module

  262. Python random module

  263. Python time module

  264. Python time.time() function

  265. Python time.ctime() Function

  266. Python time.sleep() Function

  267. Python time.localtime() function

  268. Python time.gmtime() Function

  269. Python time.strftime() Function

  270. Python time.strptime() Function

  271. Python time.mktime() Function

  272. Python time.perf_counter() Function

  273. Python time.process_time() Function

  274. Python datetime module

  275. Python datetime.timedelta class

  276. Add timezone information to datetime objects-Python

  277. Converting datetime objects to string in Python

  278. Python for loops

  279. Python range() Function

  280. Arithmetic Operations on datetime objects-Python

  281. Python calendar Module

  282. Generate html calendars using HTMLCalendar class-Python

  283. Python random.random() Function

  284. Python random.randint() function

  285. Python random.choice() Function

  286. Choosing random item(s) from a collection - Python

  287. Python random.choices() Function

  288. Python random.sample() Function

  289. Python random.shuffle() Function

  290. Python collections module

  291. Python collections Counter

  292. Python collections namedtuple

  293. Python collections deque

  294. Python collections defaultdict

  295. Python collections OrderedDict

  296. Python collections ChainMap

  297. Python collections UserDict

  298. Python collections UserList

  299. Python collections UserString

  300. Python while loop

  301. Python arrays

  302. Python heapq module

  303. Indentation in Python

  304. Python heapq.heapify() Function

  305. Python bisect module

  306. Python queue module

  307. Python weakref module

  308. shallow and deep copy in Python

  309. Python pprint- pretty print data structures

  310. Python functools module

  311. Partial functions in Python

  312. List comprehension in Python

  313. Python functools reduce() function

  314. Python functools lru_cache() function

  315. Python functools total_ordering() function

  316. Python functools update_wrapper() function

  317. Python functools wraps() function

  318. Python functools singledispatch() function

  319. Python functools cmp_to_key() Function

  320. Python functools cached_property() function

  321. Python itertools module

  322. Mutability in Python

  323. if statement in python

  324. with statement in Python

  325. Python itertools accumulate

  326. Iterators in Python

  327. Python itertools chain()

  328. Python itertools combinations()

  329. Python itertools permutations()

  330. Python itertools combinations_with_replacement()

  331. Python itertools tee()

  332. Python itertools product()

  333. Python itertools repeat()

  334. Python itertools filterfalse()

  335. Python itertools takewhile()

  336. Python itertools dropwhile()

  337. Python itertools zip_longest()

  338. Python itertools cycle()

  339. Python itertools count()

  340. Python itertools islice()

  341. Python itertools starmap()

  342. Python itertools groupby()

  343. Python itertools pairwise()

  344. Python itertools compress()

  345. Python add items to a list

  346. check if an object is a list in Python

  347. Create a list in Python

  348. reverse a list in python

  349. operator module in Python

  350. contextlib module in Python

  351. remove all occurrences of an object from a Python list

  352. get the index of a list element in Python

  353. Features of Python language

  354. Flattening a nested list in Python

  355. Swap two elements in a python list

  356. remove duplicate elements from a Python list

  357. remove element from a list in python

  358. select random element from a list in Python

  359. break and continue statements in Python

  360. Custom Exceptions in Python

  361. OS path module in Python

  362. Python os.path.join() function

  363. 5 ways to concatenate lists in Python

  364. insert to sorted list and maintain order - python

  365. Apply a function to each element of a Python list

  366. list.append() method in Python

  367. list.insert() method in Python

  368. list.remove() method in Python

  369. list.clear() method in Python

  370. list.copy() method in Python

  371. list.count() method in Python

  372. list.extend() method in Python

  373. list.index() method in Python

  374. list.pop() method in Python

  375. list.reverse() method in Python

  376. list.sort() method in Python

  377. How to add multiple items into a list in Python

  378. negative indexing in Python

  379. Invoke a function using a string name in Python

  380. Difference between function and method in Python

  381. Parameters and arguments in Python functions

  382. How to cache function results in Python

  383. Python os.path.expanduser() function

  384. try/except statement in Python

  385. Python os.path.basename() function

  386. Python os.path.split() Function

  387. Python os.path.abspath() Function

  388. pass statement in Python

  389. Uses of the else statement in Python

  390. Python os.path.exists() Function

  391. Python os.path.splitext() Function

  392. Python os.path.isfile() Function

  393. Python os.path.isdir() Function

  394. Python os.path.realpath() Function

  395. Python os.path.expandvars() Function

  396. Python os.path getctime(), getatime() and getmtime() Functions

  397. Python os.path commonprefix() and commonpath() Functions

  398. Python os.path.normpath() Function

  399. Python os.path.getsize() Function

  400. Python os.path.isabs() Function

  401. *args and **kwargs in Python

  402. glob module in Python

  403. Tempfile module in python

  404. Assert statement in Python

  405. unpacking operation in Python

  406. Set methods in Python

  407. set.add() method in Python

  408. set.pop() method in Python

  409. set.discard() method in Python

  410. set.remove() method in Python

  411. set.clear() method in Python

  412. set.difference() method in Python

  413. Shutil module in Python

  414. Introduction to concurrent programming in Python

  415. Multithreading in Python

  416. set.update() method in Python

  417. pip install command

  418. Docstrings in Python

  419. modules in Python

  420. __name__ variable in Python

  421. Packages in Python

  422. Multiprocessing in Python

  423. Asynchronous Programming with Python

  424. Understand GIL in Python - The Global Interpreter Lock

  425. mmap module in Python

  426. Subprocesses in Python

  427. Introduction to Data Structures & Algorithms

  428. Complexity Functions in algorithm analysis

  429. The Big Oh Notation-with Python examples

  430. list vs set vs tuple in Python, what is the difference?

  431. Implement Stack data structure in Python

  432. Implement Fixed-length stack in Python

  433. Implement Queue data structure in Python

  434. Double-ended Queue in Python

  435. Singly-Linked list in Python

  436. Doubly-Linked List in Python

  437. __slots__ variable in Python classes

  438. Circular linked lists in Python

  439. set.issuperset() method in python

  440. set.issubset() method in Python

  441. set.isdisjoint() method in Python

  442. set.union() method in Python

  443. set.intersection() method in Python

  444. set.intersection_update() in Python

  445. set.difference_update() method in Python

  446. set.symmetric_difference() in Python

  447. Linked list vs Array

  448. set.symmetric_difference_update() in Python

  449. async/await in Python

  450. Tree data structure

  451. Binary Trees in Python

  452. Tree traversal algorithms

  453. treelib in Python

  454. Implement Inorder Tree Traversal - Python

  455. Binary Search Trees in Python

  456. How to use asyncio in Python

  457. Import statement in Python

  458. Module search path in Python

  459. dict.get() method in Python

  460. dict.update() method in Python

  461. dict.pop() in Python

  462. dict.clear() method in Python

  463. dict.fromkeys() method in Python

  464. dict.popitem() method in Python

  465. dict.setdefault() method in Python

  466. dict.copy() method in Python

  467. items(), keys() and values() methods in Python dictionary

  468. StringIO in Python

  469. filecmp module in Python- Comparing files

  470. fnmatch module in Python

  471. io.BytesIO in Python

  472. pickle module in Python - Serialize python objects.

  473. shelve module in Python - Persistence in Python objects

  474. dbm module in Python - simple database management

  475. sqlite3 in Python

  476. Define new column types in sqlite3 - Python

  477. conn.cursor objects in sqlite3 - python

  478. sqlite3 in-memory databases - Python

  479. Use Python functions in sql-sqlite3

  480. How to create custom aggregate functions in sqlite3 - Python

  481. csv module in Python

  482. Parsing xml in Python with etree.ElementTree

  483. xml module in Python - module index

  484. Event Loops in Python asyncio

  485. Implement bubble sort algorithm in Python

  486. Implement selection sort in Python

  487. Implement insertion sort in Python

  488. Introduction to sorting and searching

  489. Implement Merge-Sort in python

  490. urllib.parse module in Python-retrieve URL components

  491. Python Beginner FAQS - understand Python

  492. Variable naming rules in Python

  493. urlsplit() and urlunsplit() in urllib.parse-Python

  494. urllib.request and urlopen() in Python

  495. Generate UUIDs in Python

  496. json module in Python

  497. Virtual environments in Python

  498. "async for" expressions in Python

  499. "async with" expression in Python

  500. asyncio.gather() in Python-All you need to know