The isdir() function in the path sub-module of the os module is used to determine if a given path is an existing directory or not.

A directory is a container in computer memory that holds files and other directories in a hierarchical structure.

To use the function, we first need to import it in our program as follows.

from os.path import isdir
p A string representing the path to be checked.

The function checks whether path p represents an existing directory. The path can be relative to the working directory or it can be an absolute path.

Note that the input path:

  • Can be an existing directory path, the function will return True.
  • Can be an existing path but not a directory , False will be returned.
  • Can be invalid and non-existent, False will be returned
from os.path import isdir

paths = ['project/', 'project/', 'project/images', 'project/images/person.jpg']
for p in paths:


In the above example we used the isdir() function to test whether some pathnames represents existing directories. Of course, the pathnames are only relevant to the computer they were tested on.