The word pseudo can be used to imply that something is apparent  i.e looks actual but not so. A pseudocode , therefore, means that the code is not an actual computer code. This is somehow accurate  because pseudocodes are not written for computer's to execute, they are instead used to provide a high-level  description of a program usually in a natural language like English. 

The purpose of pseudocodes is to help a  programmer or a user understand the program better. They can  be used in program's documentation to offer a description of the program and it's algorithm   in a way friendly to a human interacting with it.

pseudocodes are especially helpful for educational purposes because they are easy to understand for beginners than actual computer codes.

Let us look at a simple pseudocode for a computer program that is meant to take two numerical inputs from a user, have the computer calculate the sum of the two numbers and then display the answer .


display a message requesting the user to enter the  first number 
get the first number  from the keyboard
display a message requesting the user to enter the second number

get the second number from the keyboard


calculate the sum of the two numbers entered above


display the answer on the screen

pseudocodes in real programming use more structured language than the one we used above , for example the above pseudocode might look like:

input a

number1 ← a

input b

number2 ← b

sum ← number1 + number2

print sum


The left arrow is used to show assignment

After writing the pseudocode , the task being solved by the  program  becomes apparent and we can now code it's logic in a real programming language. For example the pseudocode above written in python might look like.

number1 = input("Enter the first number:")
number2 = input("Enter the second number:")

answer = int(number1) + int(number2)



A pseudocodes to find average given two numbers

input a

number1 ← a

input b

number2 ← b

total ← number1 + number2

average ← total / 2

print average


The same above program in python might look like:

num1 = input("Enter first number:")
num2 = input(" enter second number:")
total = int(num1) + int( num2 )
average = total / 2
print( average )

Pseudocodes  are  written with one goal in mind i.e to help a human understand  a particular program's operation better.