The input() function in Python is used to allow a user to enter input data into the program. Once the statement containing the input function is encountered, the program pauses to wait for the user to enter something.



Where the prompt is an optional statement or query for the user that will appear on the screen. 


input('Enter your name:')
//Enter your name: John_

We can assign the value entered by the user to a variable, this value is always received as a string but we can cast it to other type if necessary. Examples:

name = input('Enter your name:')
//Enter your name: John Doe _
age = input('Enter your age:')
//Enter your age: 20 _
print('%s, %s'%(name, int(age)))
//John Doe, 20
nums = input("Enter comma separated values:")
//Enter comma separated values: Python, Java, PHP, C++ _
L = nums.split(',')
//['Python', 'Java', 'PHP', 'C++']