No one wants to learn a language which has little to no real life application. If we judge language's relevancy by how much they are being used in real life, python should be somewhere at the top. Python is being applied in a wide range of programming fields all over the world , from simple personal projects to multi-national companies using it in their various operations. 

Let us look at some fields where python  is being used in modern software development.

Data analysis

In the modern world, data has become one of the most valuable assets in any industry. Most of tech companies gathers, manipulates and analyzes data  extensively.  Python is one of the most renowned language when it comes to data analysis, it is literally a giant in this sector . The reason why python is capable of performing so well in this field is attributed to  it's  collection of additional libraries  which are made specifically for data analysis and manipulation. One of the most famous such library is Numpy which stands for numerical python . Numpy comes with  huge set of  mathematical functions which makes it possible to perform efficient operations on data in arrays and matrices.  Another library which is also widely used for large dataset is  Pandas.

Web development

Web development is now one of the major fields of  modern software development. It involves creating websites and deploying them on the internet or an intranet system.Such websites can range from simple static ones to very complex ones like social network sites and e-commerce applications. Python offers some robust web-development frameworks that have been used in the server side of some major websites. Some of this frameworks includes django, flask , pylons , tornado, bottle, web2py and Cherrypy. Some major websites which are using major python frameworks  today includes:

  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Uber
  • Pinterest
  • Discus
  • Spotify
  • The washington post
  • DropBox
  • Mozilla
  • Pynerds
  • Netflix
  • Airbnb
  • Lyft
  • Reddit
  • Uber
  • Samsung
  • Quora

Python has over 20 web-development frameworks and micro-frameworks thus  giving programmers a wide range of choices.


Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence in computers with an attempt to make them think  and view data like humans do, machine learning on the other hand, is a branch of Artificial intelligence which focuses on making a system to  " learn " and improve it's accuracy with time by using large sets of  data and algorithms to train it.

Python's wide range of external frameworks and libraries make it a popular choice for artificial intelligence and machine learning. Its collection of frameworks includes Tensorflow, developed by Google and used by other major companies like IBM, Intel, and Uber;  PyTorch, extensively used by Tesla for their self-driving vehicles;  Keras, utilized by companies such as Netflix and Uber, Scikit-learnTheano, and many more. Python is also used extensively in the creation of popular artificial intelligence models such as DALL.E2 and ChatGPT.

Application development

Desktop and mobile applications plays a major role in todays software ecosystem. Python supports a rich set of GUI libraries which can be used to make cross-platform applications for varying  purposes. Some major python frameworks for developing applications includes:

  1. pyqt5- Applications using it includes dropbox, Spyder IDE and Openshot 
  2. kivy - used for mobile app development. 
  3. Beeware

Web Crawling and Scraping 

Web crawling is finding or discovering URLs in the web, it is commonly used for indexing websites over the internet especially by search engines . Web Scraping on the other hand involves extracting and gathering information from webpages for various uses, It is widely used by analytics tools to analyze the contents of a webpage . Another use case of web scraping is automating some internet activities for example, a user can use a scraper to get real time fluctuations in prices of a product across various e-commerce websites . Python comes with some powerful crawlers and scrapers such as  scrapy beautifulsoup, Selenium and Requests .

General automation

Python is one language which is widely used for automating general tasks that one can encounter in their day to day work. Such tasks can  include things like:

  1. file handling and management
  2. Interacting with APIs
  3. performing automated testing.
  4. downloading files over the internet. 
  5. Getting automatic updates from websites and applications.
  6. interacting with the operating systems
  7. Sending and receiving automated mails
  8. Filling online forms
  9. working with spreadsheets like excel
  10. creating chat bots which can be used to interact with customers.

Automating a tasks requires one to understand python libraries which are suitable for  the task involved for example if one wants to perform automated tests, there are available libraries like Pytest, Unittest , Nose  and others.

Game development

Python can be used as a scripting language in making modern video games, it is used this way  alongside other languages like C++ to create both 3d and 2d games. Python also has some libraries such as Pygame which are used for developing 2d video games.